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TDA: On The Go Podcast

Conversations, news and legislative updates. We promote the vitality and safety of Wisconsin's transportation system, including highways, public transit systems, public-use and general aviation airports, railroads, commercial ports, and roads.

Jul 10, 2024

Jason Culotta, president of the Midwest Food Products Association and this year's TDA president, joins TDA Executive Director Debby Jackson on the latest On The Go podcast episode. A self-proclaimed "rail geek", Jason has a deep understanding of not only railroads but the entire transportation system.


The podcast explores a wide range of topics, from intermodal discussions and how the logistics of freight containers work to the supply chain and the state budget. The pair also discusses the crucial need to continually educate legislators—and their staff—about transportation issues, challenges, and opportunities. Debby and Jason also touch on TDA as an organization and its essential role in bringing together a broad mix of stakeholders to advocate for a safe, modern, interconnected transportation system.